Meet EJ Shaara

Insurance is an industry built upon trust.  EJ has strived to develop lasting professional relationships with his staff, his insurance companies and, most importantly, his clients.  He believes that the cornerstone of any successful organization are its people.  Respect, integrity, honesty, consistancy and courtsey are the building blocks that form trust among people.  These are the principles necessary to succeed.

The staff at Verona Insurance Agency is EJ’s most cherished acomplisment.

Since he was sixteen years old, working for his father at Verona Insurance Agency hand typing fire policies, EJ has spent nearly forty years learning and growing in the insurance industry.  He as experienced it all: fires, flood, hurricanes, accidents, etc.  EJ takes pride in being an Independent Insurance Agent and knows that he and his collegues are the only true insurance professionals.

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, EJ has expanded Verona Insurance Agency to an office location in Merritt Island, Florida.  It began as an attempt to service his New Jersey clients that own property in Florida and has now developed into a full scale opertation that he is extremely pround of.

EJ is available 24/7.  His personal cell phone number 201 315-6506.  Give him a call.