Brevard Coastal Insurance:

A division of Verona Insurance Agency

It began as an effort to service our New Jersey clients who have property interests in Florida.  So many of our clients have either retired to Florida or just winter there.  In order to deliver our same standard of service, it was apparent that we needed to have a permanent office location in the State of Florida.  Insurance in Florida is very different from New Jersey due to the hurricane risk and can present many challenges.   Since then, we have grown into prominent, full service insurance firm with an excellent reputation servicing Brevard County and all of Florida.

Our story:

In October 2016, Verona Insurance Agency acquired All In One Insurance of Rockledge, Florida in Brevard County.  It was a very successful  transaction and we gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the insurance marketplace in Florida.  We added new insurance companies and most importantly an education on the fantastic business opportunities in Brevard County.   Brevard County is located on the east coast of Florida approximately forty miles east of Orlando.  It is a wonderful place to live and work.

Six months later, in April 2017, we acquired  Brevard Coastal Insurance of Merritt Island, Florida.  Brevard Coastal Insurance is an elite insurance agency specializing in home and condo insurance and was a perfect complement to our previous acquisition.  Their Merritt Island location is now our home office in Florida and “Brevard Coastal Insurance” is now our official trade name there.  We have grown into one of the top providers of home and condominium insurance in Brevard County.

Last June, we acquired Every Day Insurance, another local insurance office.  Every Day Insurance is a very strong commercial and business insurance provider.  The addition of the Every Day Insurance staff, clients and markets now make Brevard Coastal Insurance a complete, full service insurance agency in the State of Florida.

So, please think of Verona Insurance Agency/Brevard Coastal Insurance for you insurance needs in Florida.  Our experienced staff works hard every day to gain the trust and respect of our clients and to guide you through challenges of the Florida insurance marketplace and meet the same standers you are accustom to in New Jersey.  For more information please click the link at the top right to visit our Brevard Coastal Insurance website.